Stichting Geschillenoplossing Automatisering (SGOA) has a board and an executive unit, the office. We do not have members. A business or organization therefore does not need to be affiliated to SGOA to make use of its services. The foundation is independent and operates on a nonprofit basis.

The board consists of four people: Chris Barbiers RE RA, chairman, Polo van der Putt, LLM, Joost Linnemann, LLM and Eva Visser, LLM. The board determines the rules of procedure, amends them where necessary, decides what to do in situations that have not been provided for in the rules of procedure and is responsible for financial affairs.

The office

Our executive body is the office, which is run by Heleen van Beugen. The office operates independently under the responsibility of the board and acts as the nerve centre from the moment a procedure starts. Its tasks include:

  • corresponding with the parties in a procedure, partly on its own initiative and partly at the request of and according to the instructions of the appointed arbitrators, mediators and experts
  • keeping in contact with arbitrators, mediators and experts
  • arranging meeting venues
  • invoicing and collecting amounts due
  • keeping records of the procedures
  • monitoring deadlines
  • filing complete or partial final rulings with the court registry (if agreed).


At the heart of SGOA are the lawyers and experts on our list: all individuals who excel in their field of expertise, are independent and have a wealth of experience. The lawyers and experts act independently from the board and bear ultimate responsibility for the rulings, settlement agreements, recommendations and expert reports they produce.

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